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We welcome your comments here on the site and try our best to personally respond to all messages and comments received.  For comments that may be helpful to others we leave them public, but for specific questions regarding gear of other things we usually respond via PM.  When you leave a comment we usually respond to the email address you leave with the comment.  If you don’t use that email, it is best to just email us your comments or question at the email address below.  If you have questions, comments or information to add to our site to make it more informative or enjoyable please feel free to comment or  send us an email at

or text/call:

0927 223 2063

Want to advertise you Resort, Fishing Pond, Charter Service or other fishing related business?  Contact us for details.

For anyone interested in ordering gear from us, simply send us a message and let us know what items you want.  We will get back to you with payment details and shipping info.  We now accept payment through BPI which charges no extra fees for deposits.   We currently use JRS Express to ship items as they are the most reliable and affordable courier we have found.  Most items take one to two days to arrive at their destination.  Also if there are items you are interested in that we don’t have let us know and we will try our best to help you get them.


  1. Hi Ben, my name is Jr and Im from Calauan Laguna too.. (but formerly based in Manila) I would like to ask where in Mabacan do you regularly fish and what kinds of fish are in stock? thanks very much..

    • Hi Jr, thanks for your comment unfortunately we have moved from Calauan to Cebu City. You can fish the Mabacan River in Brgy. Mabacan, Paliparan or Perez. You can catch eels, tilapia, carp, snakehead, and many other kinds of fish. Good luck!

  2. Hi, my name is Glenn. I’m a fishing guide in Australias northern territory where i fish for sailfish, barramundi and many other fantastic sport fishes as well as writing articles for some magazines. I’m coming to mactan for my honeymoon on the 23 october 2012 and I’m keen to go for a fish, preferably freshwater with some quality guides/local fishermen or at least get some info where i can go and try for myself. any help you can give me would be fantastic.

  3. Wesley Brian Wynn

    Hi, my name is wesley, and i will be moving to sablayan on mindoro occidental, soon, i was discussing fishing with my future father in law,and decided to check out what may be avaliable there. I was wishing that snook were native to the mangroves, as i have very fond memories of snook fishing up the guantanamo river in cuba. I have not fished in many years now, and i currently live in northeast oregon. i am anticipating fishing in warm weather very much. Thank you for your excellent web site, outstandingly done, sir! Cant wait to get back to the tropics!………wes

  4. Hi, I’m a totally clueless about fishing and am looking to get into it.I do have one memory as a kid at a break doing catching tiny tiny fish, but that’s it. I am currently residing in cavite and am wondering if you can point me in any club that welcomes newbies like me. Thanks.

  5. Jaime Y. Pestano

    You should include your email address in your website content so we can forward and recommend your website to our fishermen friends and relatives. Thanks!

  6. well some one is really reading this.i’v asked where to freshwater fishing would be close to pasig city and my ( new) friend down the street from me said the lagona is 15 or 20 mins from me. now i need to know where to buy good fishing tackle?. i been in manila for 2 years and love!!! fishing and haven’t been yet, hoping to go first of the year. thanks to all on this site for your help and kindness! Richard…..

  7. Hi ben, we’re very impressed with the rod we bought and how convenient and fast it reached us. I would just like to ask what is the line weight of this crony galaxy 5’7″ rod? Super thanks. – agnes

  8. Hey Ben,
    Do you know of a specific map or document that gives the location of protected marine areas in the Philippines?

  9. hello ben,
    do you happen to know a fish that has an ilocano name margar?
    if yes, what are the tagalog and english names? what season can we have them. and also where. thank you

  10. Do you guys have an instagram? We would love to follow and see what the fishing scene is like at the philippines.

  11. Ed Vailliencourt

    I noticed fishermen walking along shore and pulling a wooden trolling module. I would like to get a picture of such so I can make one.

    • Ed,

      Yes those devices are planers. You can Google that and see various types of fishing planers used around the world. They work best along beaches. The ones we have seen look like little banka boats. The important thing is where you attach the the line that you hold to get the right and for the boat to plane parallel to the shore. We will try to post a picture when we see one.

  12. I was just wondering if there are snook in the Philippines?

  13. Hi, does your areas have toman fish?

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