Fishing Clubs

Here is a list of fishing clubs around the country that I am including on this site.  They vary quite a bit from groups of causal anglers who get together on weekends to fish to hard core big game anglers that have quite exclusive groups with memberships dues and all.  This list is meant to help fellow anglers find other sport fishermen in their area:


PGFF (Philippine Game Fishing Foundation)

DALag (D Anglers of Laguna)

Navotas Anglers

Silver Jack Anglers

PACI (Pinoy Anglers Club Inc) 

Filipino Anglers

Angeles City Fishing Club

Manila Baywalk Anglers Association Inc

Philippine Inland Fishing Club

Manila Anglers Club

Lucena Anglers Club

BASS Philippines

Pampanga Anglers Club

Dagupan Anglers Club

Angeles Anglers Club

Pampanga Sportfishing Association

Carp-A Club

Team Angry Outdoors (TAngO)

Marikina anglers club



SPOON ( SPOrtfishing Oriental Negros )

SFCC ( Sport Fishing Club of Cebu )

Negros Sport Fishing Club

Cebu Fish Wars

Cebu Fishing Buddies

Iloilo Anglers Club

Panay Anglers Association Inc.

Bohol Sportsfishing 



Baitcaster Association of Zamboanga

ZDNSFA Dipolog Anglers

SAFE  ( Surigao Amateur Fishing Enthusiasts )

Macajalar Warriors Anglers Club (Cagayan De Oro)


If you don’t see your sport fishing club here and want it included in this list send us an email.  <><

  1. hi ben pls inlude baitcaster association of zamboanga…for mindanao area.thanks

  2. thank you so much ben,hope to see you went ill drop by your place…god bless

  3. jun bandayanon

    pls. include also Surigao Amateur Fishing Enthusiasts (SAFE)

  4. A Boy With Goodcatch Rod

    Marikina anglers club

  5. Hi, sir. Please include Team Angry Outdoors (TAngO). For LuzViMin.

  6. I need to go fishing very badly! I have been living in Pasig city for the pas 5 1/2 years and i have 2 new fishing rod and real and only been fishing 4 times so fare. so is there a fishing club place close to pasig city?….. Help Help ha ha ha ha

    • Try the Pasig river for giant tilapia, carp, catfish and Knife fish 🙂 Not sure if there is any club in that specific area.

      • Well that is where i have been fishing three of the four times ha ha ha and all that is in that dirty river is plastic bags! isn’t there any fresh water lakes close that i can take a tricycle or a taxi?

      • Laguna Lake, or maybe some of the other lakes in Laguna. but they would all be at least a 30min to hour and 30 min car ride. Not sure what other clean bodies of water you can fish in your area.

      • OK i think i will try Laguna Lake, and see how it goes.Thank you so much….

      • And by the way >>>> Thank you so much for your info benaiahfogle

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