Custom Spearguns

Fishing the Philippines is now proud to offer quality Philippine-made Spearguns!

Reez Custom Spearguns

Reez Custom Spearguns is a speargun and spearfishing accessory manufacturer based in Cebu City, Philippines.  We build hand crafted spearguns that are the product of years of spearfishing experience.  They are made from quality materials in Cebu, Philippines and are tested to ensure accuracy, power and quality.

We build spearguns at varying lengths (note; our speargun lengths are the total gun length from butt to tip of the barrel).  Here are the sizes and their specs and prices:

wooden speargun fishing

Standard 30″ Speargun

Lengths and Prices for our Spearguns:

30 inch – 3,800 php   [ 1 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 6.5mm T304ss shaft ]

35 inch – 4,300 php  [ 1 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 6.5mm T304ss shaft ]

40 inch – 4,800 php  [ 1 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 6.5mm T304ss shaft ]

45 inch – 5300 php  [ 1 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 6.5mm or 8mm T304ss shaft ]

50 inch – 5,800 php  [ 2 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 6.5mm or 8mm T304ss shaft ]

55 inch – 6300 php  [ 2 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 6.5mm or 8mm T304ss shaft ]

60 inch – 6,800 php  [ 2 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 8mm T304ss shaft ]

65 inch – 7300 php  [ 2 rubber band, Mahogany wood, 8mm T304ss shaft ]

speargun manufacturer philippines

Teak 40″ Speargun w/ Extra Band and Reel

tugas speargun customized speargun

Molave (Tugas) Speargun

ironwood speargun philippines

Mahogany Speargun

Optional Add-Ons / Upgrades for our spearguns include :

  • Teak Wood Upgrade ( 500 php )
  • Ironwood Upgrade ( 750 php )
  • Ipil (Kwila) Wood Upgrade ( 500 php )
  • Molave (Tugas) Wood Upgrade ( 500 php )
  • Narra Wood Upgrade ( 500 php )
  • High Power band ( 500 php per band )
  • 500lbs Dacron spear line ( 25 php per meter )
  • 7×7 200lbs stainless steel wire spear line ( 50 php per meter )
  •  Speargun Mesh bag ( 500 php )
  •  Nylon Speargun Bag ( 650 php )
  • Padded Speargun Bag  ( 1,750 php )
  • Extra Spear ( 1000 php )
  • Reez Tug Spearfishing Buoy – ( 1400 php )
  • Eco Float Buoy   ( 175 php )
  • Stainless Fish Stringer  (350 php )
  • Speargun Reel  ( 1795 php )
  • Divers Hip Bag ( 300 php )
custom speargun teak

Custom name engraving!

harpoon fishing philippines

Custom Engraved Molave Speargun w/ Reel, Dacron Braid and Silicone Grip

Check our other products and order here at our website:


  1. orencio d jeruta

    how can I order one specifically the Dang it, I am in manila. do you have outlet here so that I can buy one. thank you.

  2. where can I buy bands for speargun in Cebu?

  3. where can i get the spear guns in Cebu?

  4. Speargun is Amazing and it works well I’m gonna have a Dangi’t next for faster one…

  5. nag dedeliver po b kayo here in manila…?

  6. Hi ! and it has the opportunity to install the reel on this speargun? Is it possible to order a kit to collect a gun + reel ?

    • Hello Sir,
      Yes, reels that are designed to be mounted on wooden spearguns can easily be mounted on our wooden spearguns with stainless steel screws. At the moment we do not have reels available so we can only provide our spearguns rigged with a 2m spear line and clip.

  7. Sir hm po speargun? availble sizes? sure buyer po. thanks

  8. john michael nuñez palcuto

    If i order 1 of your spear gun . How long would it take? Gensan city.

    • Depending on the size of gun you need and whether we have it on hand. If on hand then we can ship next day. If not then may take 1 – 2 weeks to build. please email us if you would like to order.

  9. Hello sir, do you also ship to Palawan? Salamat po.

  10. ship to boracay hm for 30″

  11. edwin d gonzales

    paano mag order sa item nyo,from region 1

    • Hi sir. You can message us your order. We will send a final quote, then payment can be sent via palawan express or BPI. You can contact us via Cell : 09272232063 or email.

  12. edwin d gonzales

    available ba 40inch

  13. Jonas Morsua Nogaliza

    hi taga cebu po ako asa ni nato mapalit ang speargun

    • Hi Sir. We are based in Parian near Cebu Cathedral church. You can drop by here. We dont have a storefront but we do have a small display beside the office. Here is our Cell: 09272232063. Pls coordinate with us when you want to drop by so we can be sure that someone is able to entertain you. Thanks!

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