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Navotas Mamale Fishing

A popular place to fish near Manila which I have not yet had the privilege of trying is Navotas.  It located north of Manila on Manila Bay and it is a popular destination for anglers search for such species as Threadfin Salmon (mamale), Trevally or Jacks (talakitok), Oxeye Tarpon ( ), Ladyfish (bid bid), and many other species.   Below are some of the fish caught by Myke during a recent trip there:

Navotas Fishing

Myke’s Navotas Haul

For anglers interested in fishing Navotas check out the link here to the Navotas Anglers Facebook page.  You can see recent pictures of fish caught, connect with other anglers that fish Navotas and even plan a trip.  Look for “Syark” in the group as he organizes the Navotas boatmen.

From what I hear angler who frequent these waters have good luck with skip bunnies/hairclips, spoons, poppers, and other lures.  Please feel free to email me to add info if you know more about Navotas fishing.  I have not yet done it as we have transferred back to Cebu now, so any additional info I can put up here is appreciated.

Threadfin Salmon (Eleutheronema tetradactylum)

Eleutheronema tetradactylum

This species is one of the popular gamefish here in the Philippines.  It is known locally (in the Tagalog regions) as Mamale or Mamali.  These fish normally school in bays, and other muddy or sandy bottom coastal waters.  They feed on a variety of smaller fish and shrimp.  Anglers typically target these fish using spoons, casting jigs, crank baits or topwater lures.  One major destination for Mamale Fishing is Manila Bay.  Boats can be hired in Navotas.  The captains take out anglers to chase the boils and catch Mamale up to around 4kgs and many other smaller species of fish.

Jun caught the one pictured above while using a light setup (3000 size reel loaded with 10lbs braid) while fishing a crank bait.  I have also caught juveniles while surf casting in Puerto Galera.