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Naga City Baywalk

A thirty minute drive from downtown Cebu City, the Naga Baywalk is an excellent destination to fish.  This well designed park is easily accessable by public transportation or private vehicle, is open to the public, has no entrance fee, and has much room to fish.


Easily accesable

Free entrance

Food and drinks available

Lots of room to fish

Clean enviromment

Free Parking

Possible boat rentals for fishing from boats

Family Friendly


Limited shade (there are some small trees, that is all)

Pedestrians (watch out for people walking or jogging on the path beside the sea wall)


Needlefish, Crescent Grunters, Jacks, and much more.


This is an excellent bay walk fishing spot.  It is easy to get to and has a lot of room to fish.  There are some places near the water to sit down and eat or have some cold drinks.  The area is very clean and so is the water.


Based on my recent experience fishing at this spot I rate it as a ( 10/10 ).  Though I was not able to land any fish I had multiple strikes on lures and thoroughly enjoyed the fishing experience.  There were large schools of three inch baitfish being cornered  near the rocks that would sporadically jump to escape feeding jacks.  This is a great spot to do some serious fishing or to take the family for the day.


Bring sun protection if you plan on spending time here during the day.  There is limited shade.

Traffic; if you happen to be visiting this spot from Cebu City be aware that the south road can become quite congested around rush hours.

Send us pictures!  If you fish here and catch something send us your photos so we can add to this post.


naga, cebu fishing

Update: Large Snapper Caught

places to fish in Cebu

A View of the Seawall

fishing naga

Fun for the whole family


For those looking for a real laid back fishing experience in small ponds full of fish there is Crocolandia.  It is a zoo/animal rescue and conservation effort that is located in Biasong, Talisay City, just south of Cebu City.  Here is a map of the spot:


Great place for family fishing trip

Benches to sit Shaded fishing area, Snack bar, other animals to see

Lots of fish and some big ones too

Bamboo poles available at no extra cost


Only two small ponds to fish

Entrance fee (kids-50php, adults-100)


Tilapia, Red Pacu, Striped Snakeheads and possibly others


Crocolandia was started as a sanctuary for the fast disappearing species of Philippines saltwater crocs and alligators.  It has since expanded to include a wide variety of both native and introduced species of animals.  They have resident biologists and consulting vetrenarians that ensure that the animals, birds and reptiles are healthy and well taken care of.

The fishing ponds at Crocolandia are a relatively new addition to the zoo and provide another fun activity there.  The ponds are relatively small and are not that deep but they do hold an abundance of tilapia, snakehead and large pacu.  To fish there at Crocolandia just inform the staff and they will assist you.

You can keep the fish that you catch there and purchase them to bring home.  However we also recommend that you release the snakeheads to hep keep the already booming population of small tilapia at bay.


( 6/10 )  I rate this spot as a 6 because I prefer fishing in natural wild environments. However if you are looking for a fun spot to take the family this place is excellent.


Don’t forget about the entrance fee.

Ask for a guided tour of the zoo to learn a lot of interesting stuff about the animals.

Say Hi to Lapu-Lapu, the largest Croc that is there.  If you are lucky you may catch them at feeding time.


Crocolandia fishing

Vince caught a good size pacu there.

zoo in Cebu

A great place for a fun day with the family!

snakehead spots cebu

The two fishing ponds at Crocolandia



Here is their well kept Facebook page:

Ouano Warf Area

This is an open spot in Mandaue along the Mactan Channel.


Spacious area that is open to fishing

Parking for cars

Somewhat secluded and not crowded with people

Good potential for fish


The area often smells like sewage due to a nearby canal

No lighting at night and far from the main road, so potentially not safe at night

Occasionally trucks pass by on the dirt road and kick up dust

Some garbage in the water

No stores nearby to buy food or drinks

Not easily accessible without a car.


This is a stretch of the port area that is open for fishing.  Like much of the Cebu port area it has its problems.  Things that make fishing here less than exceptional are the smell (sewage) and the garbage that is often seen floating in the water.  Besides those two things this area is not bad.  There is a lot of space to fish and so there is no problem of having too many people around. If any the problem would be having too few people around.

This area is a pier area that sits on reclaimed land, so the water is deeper that the typical Cebu shoreline.  Best to try live shrimp or minnows here or cut bait.  I have not been able to fish this spot yet, but have heard that it is productive.


Expect the usual predators like; trevally, grouper, barracuda, eels, emperors, pacific tarpon, and more.


( 5/10 )  This is far from a great spot, however it is a  quiet place that would make a great morning spot.


Bring sun protection; the sun is unforgiving and there is no shade here

Avoid this spot after dark; it is secluded and not well lit. (unless there is a group of you)

Bring drinks and snacks

One of you has to leave an ID with the guard at the gate by the road

Send us pics of what you catch here!


fishing spot in Cebu

Facing south towards Cebu City

fishing ouano warf

Facing Mactan


fishing spots in the philippines

Facing north toward the market and the canal

Green Lagoon Park, Compostela, Cebu

Here is a spot that is located outside the city of Cebu just to the North in Compostela. This is a park style resort located along the coast in Compostela.  Here is a map of the spot:


Multiple spots within the resort to fish (jetties, beaches, etc.)

Parking for vehicles

You can bring food (grills/tables/chairs available there) and drinks for picnics

Family friendly atmosphere

Clean water

Separate areas to swim


There can be lots of people from time to time

Entrance fee


This is a laid back family and large group oriented resort located along the Compostela coastline.  It has three stone and concrete jetties protecting its two rock and sand beaches.  You can fish on all three jetties.  The sea floor gradually slopes deeper away from the beach, however the reef wall is looked well beyond casting distance.  The bottom is rocky and sandy.  You can bring food and drinks into this resort, so it makes a great spot to take the family for the day.


Barracuda, Grunters, Emperors, and more.  The ones I listed here were what I caught when fishing and what I saw when I did a little snorkelling.  There are also some mangroves and a small stream leading to the ocean on the northern side of the resort.


( 8/10 )  This is not a bad place to fish.  It is a little bit of a drive from the City through and did not seem to have lots of fish so I give it an 8.


Fish Responsibly –  Catch and Release and clean up after yourself

Bring sun protection because there is little shade in the spots where you fish

Be aware of the swimmer/snorkelers

Bring lures and bait

I Visited this place with some friends, family and co-workers and was able to bring along some fishing gear.  Hooked this nice little barracuda after about five minutes of fishing.  Try to catch the high tide as it goes out to catch barracuda like this and other species.

Fishing cebu beach resort

Nice little cuda on a Pins Minnow

Shell Island, Cebu

Fishing Spots Cebu

Here is another fishing spot here in Cebu 🙂  This pic was taken from the Carbon Spot looking out across the channel.  The side of this island that can be seen in this picture has a pier that sits on the edge of the deeper part of this channel.  There are many fish to be caught from the pier.  The back side of this island faces Cordova and is all tidal flats.


Marcelo Fernan Bridge (Mactan Side)

Here is an easily accessible spot located on Mactan Island:


Well lit Public Park with police outpost

Sizable fishing area

Shade from the bridge

Places to buy drinks and snacks

Free Parking

May species can be caught

Safe place to fish at night


Lots of people

Water often has garbage floating in it that is carried past the bridge by the current

Lots of snags in certain areas ( I lost a lot of gear to those while bait fishing)

Strong currents make bait fishing difficult

Some times marching bands practice in the park 😀 and it is LOUD!


This is a small public park located along the water underneath the Marcelo Fernan Bridge which is one of the two bridges connecting Mactan Island to mainland Cebu.  This park is known as the Philippine Seafarers Memorial Park.  It is located on the Mactan Island side.  It is a decent public fishing spot that costs nothing to enter or fish.  There are often a lot of people here which makes fishing difficult sometimes. The best time to fish is high tide as the water can be quite shallow along the shoreline during low tide.  Big fish have been caught here.  Try bait fishing at night with live shrimp, cut bait or squid and cast out towards the bridge supports in the middle of the channel.  Lure fishing also works well at high tide closer in to shore.


Grouper, Snapper, Eels, Emperors, Trevally, Barracuda, and many more species.


( 6/10 )  See the “cons” above for why my rating is not higher.


Be friendly and teach some of the many kids that stand watching you to fish:-)

Bring water

Bring a cooler for bait and drinks

Release anything that is too small

Clean up after yourself even if the area already has garbage.


Lure Fishing Barracuda

A Barracuda I caught on a lure

Mon’s Barracuda caught on a spoon

fishing cebu

One of the many eel or Ubod that can be caught at the bridge


Navotas Mamale Fishing

A popular place to fish near Manila which I have not yet had the privilege of trying is Navotas.  It located north of Manila on Manila Bay and it is a popular destination for anglers search for such species as Threadfin Salmon (mamale), Trevally or Jacks (talakitok), Oxeye Tarpon ( ), Ladyfish (bid bid), and many other species.   Below are some of the fish caught by Myke during a recent trip there:

Navotas Fishing

Myke’s Navotas Haul

For anglers interested in fishing Navotas check out the link here to the Navotas Anglers Facebook page.  You can see recent pictures of fish caught, connect with other anglers that fish Navotas and even plan a trip.  Look for “Syark” in the group as he organizes the Navotas boatmen.

From what I hear angler who frequent these waters have good luck with skip bunnies/hairclips, spoons, poppers, and other lures.  Please feel free to email me to add info if you know more about Navotas fishing.  I have not yet done it as we have transferred back to Cebu now, so any additional info I can put up here is appreciated.

Tadlac Lake

arial view of Tadlac Lake

Tadlac Lake From the Air

This is another post about Tadlac Lake, also known as Crocodile or Alligator Lake.  This lake is located in Brgy. Tadlac, Los Banos, Laguna.  I had not heard of the lake until recently and have since made several trips there to see what I could catch.  I hear that there are large snakeheads, large carp, large pangasius, and many other kinds of fish in this lake.  I have tried for the previously named fish with out luck.  I have caught Ayungin, Tilapia, and various types of Bia there.

The lake is quite a beautiful and secluded little lake nestled back away from the hustle and bustle of Los Banos.  As can be seen from google maps, the lake sits next to Laguna Lake, though is not connected.  I have heard there is an underwater tunnel, but this may just be rumor.

I have also read that this lake is very deep, similar to the other volcanic lakes of Laguna.  I heard that someone tried to measure the center with a fishing line and reel and found the depth at the center around 78 meters.  That is quite a depth for a relatively small lake such as this.

I also heard that there used to be pangasius and tilapia fish pens on the lake until the local government stopped them and had the fish released into the lake.  The locals say that the pangasius in the lake are up to 20kgs.  This may just be rumor, but if you watch the surface of the water you can see large fish surface.  According to some friends a 40kg carp was caught in a net in this lake a while back.

below is a picture of the lake that I took from the Los Banos high school of the arts when Dowie and I took a trip up there.  Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Fishing spot Laguna Philippines

View of Tadlac Lake from Makiling High School of the Arts

If any of you guys have fished this lake and caught stuff, let me know.  I am curious as to how to catch some of the giants that live here.

Fish Species List:  (these are the fish I have caught or am aware are present in the lake)

– Tilapia

– Pangasius Catfish

– Snakehead

– Giant Snakehead

– Ayungin

– Carp