Hi all, we are Ben and Kathy.  Ben is the die hard fisherman and the one behind this siteand Kathy is the understanding and supportive wife.  Kathy does not share the same passion for fishing but she does still love Ben despite of his addiction 🙂

We do however have one very important thing in common which we love to share with others.  That is our faith in Jesus Christ.  Though we were both raised differently and in different places, we both have come to see that Jesus is reason for our living and that our lives make sense and have purpose only when he is at the center.  We both love Him and we seek to know him more everyday by reading his Word, the Bible.  Feel free to ask us more about this because to us this is the most important thing in our lives.

We live in Cebu City, Kathy’s hometown, and love it.  If you are in our area feel free to contact us.  We enjoy guests and meeting new people and take every opportunity to open our home to others.

This blog started as a way for Ben to catalog, identify, and save photos of fish he has caught here in the Philippines.  He collects his information about the fish he catches from experience, local fishermen, the internet and other sources to share with anyone else interested.  This blog has sort of evolved over the months and years from a log of fish caught to a sort of fishing database to even a online tackle shop where we sell some fishing gear.  We hope that the information you find here is helpful and useful for you. Please feel free to contact us with any information you have that you think is relevant to our site.  We enjoy posting fish species and catches of other people here as well.  Thanks and God Bless. <><

  1. hey ben,
    awsome blog, nice fish wait for me to help you out. have fun i miss ya and keep up the awsome fishing while i’m gone
    see ya in june
    your brother jonathan fogle

  2. Kenneth de Castro

    Hi Ben,

    We are addicted to fishing as well, we can introduce you to more fishing spots and different kind of fish. Hope to visit your place soon.


  3. Thanks for you comment Kenn, if you are in our area contact me and maybe we can fish together.

  4. Hi ben and kathy me and my father in law loves fishing.we went to lake caliraya last saturday but eventually caught nothing.because our bait is dead shrimps.locals say only the live shrimps or artificial worms is used to catch fish there.will be planning to go back there when we have the right baits.oh BTW we live also in sta. cruz, laguna.hope we could fish together sometime!FISH ON!!!

  5. Hey Ben!

    Great blog! My name is Rein, a Filipino currently living in Hong Kong. I’m a beginner when it comes to fishing, but I’ve been in a few trips. Lots of groupers here in Hong Kong, but would definitely love to fish in the home country. I’m actually going for a holiday in cebu in mid August, was hoping I could tag along one of your fishing expeditions. Keep up the great blog!

  6. more power ben and cathy.. god bless..

  7. Ben & Cathy,
    I also love fishing and truly enjoy God’s bounty and handiwork as seen in his creation – which includes the seas, lakes and rivers which He has given for us to enjoy and bless others. May the Lord continue to bless and use you point people to the joys of fishing and most of all to Him the Giver and Creator. Keep on fishing for the Lord. Tight lines ! – Raymond

  8. Hi Ben and Cathy, I’m an amateur angler from Dumaguete. Nice blog! Keep it up!

  9. Hey Ben,

    Nice blog. Very helpful. And your tackle prices are pretty good too.

    I’m from the US and will be moving to Makati soon and I’ve been researching the fishing opportunities as much as possible from afar. I very much appreciate your answering some of my questions on Filipino Anglers Forum, especially your taking the time to post that image of a freshwater shrimp.

    I see you have Bassresource on your blogroll. I’ve been a regular contributor there for a few years now.

    Hope to stay in contact.


  10. Hi Ben. I’m an Australian fisherman wanting to get some info on where to catch dalag or toman? Natural settings or failing that pay ponds.
    Last year I was in bohol and although the water was beautiful it had a serious lack of fish… Is it still possible to catch fish around the costal areas of luzon, iloilo, cebu etc? Would the rivers and creeks still holds fish?
    Thanks in advance.

    • David, Yes it is still possible to catch fish around the coast and in freshwater here. Striped Snakeheads can be found in most rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds all over the country. Try fishing frog lures, spinnerbaits and crankbaits early morning for best results. Regarding the apparent lack of fish; it often appears that there are not many fish, however there are usually more fish than you think and many large ones. Things to remember are; fish sunrise and sunsets for best results. The action (of fish and people 🙂 tends to slow down during the intense heat of the day. Also pay attention to tides and moon phases.

  11. Keep up the good work! Great that someone is promoting sport fishing in the Cebu area. I will share ur site with my friends.

  12. Ben & Kathy,
    Keep up the good work! I’m from Cebu but my family and I are in Minnesota now where fishing is like snow in winter, never gets old! I’m an avid angler myself. Ice fishing is the best! My buddies and I join every fishing contest there is here in MN. Anyway, thank you for your blog. Whenever Im in Cebu, I always fish in Mactan (under the bridge), and you’re right this is a good fishing spot except for the loudness of the drum and bugle band sometimes. Last year, I was there and I got a couple of small grouper and got snagged a lot!
    I like your blog, and I will try your tips and techniques next time. Paulo

  13. Monica Bolderson

    Hi Kathy and Ben. My name is Monica. I am a Cebuana but i am currently living in Indiana. I have been searching for a site that features fishes in the Philippines. I am so happy that i found your blog. I always long to learn more about the methods of fishing. I am inspired because my grandmother was raised in a fishing community in a small island in Samar before she moved to Cebu with my grandfather but unfortunately she is unable to teach me these things because physically she not well anymore. i want to continue her legacy still though. I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Thank you for sharing and i hope and pray that our young people in the Philippines would have the same passion as you do with our natural resources. Godspeed!

  14. Keep the lines tight !

  15. jasongonzales2017

    I wish I can go fishing in my own native country as much as I do here in Florida. I am an avid angler I have my share of fish tales. Just last week went offshore (Near St Pete) and caught red snappers and red groupers. I like this blog and gives me me information on how to retire in the Philippines by going out on fishing adventures. After going to Coron, I might on a whim leave everything behind and settle back and just go fishing.

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