Caliraya Snakehead

dalag haruan haluan philippines

Striped Snakehead fish caught in Lake Caliraya

Lake Caliraya is most well known for its Largemouth Bass, but it also is home to many other species including the Striped Snakehead.  Last week some friends and I took a little road trip out there for some fishing and though we were unsuccessful in landing any bass, we did manage to land three decent sized snakeheads.  All three were caught on texas rigged curly tail worms that were a red/violet color.

It was interesting to note that all three fish were caught over a 30 minute period while fishing at sunrise.  We had fished a couple hours the previous afternoon with no luck.  The bite was on however the next morning.

We also noticed another fisherman there at the lake who had landed a large Knifefish.  It was my first time to see a knife fish in Caliraya, but apparently they had made their way into that lake and are already established.

dalag fishing philippines

These two snakehead hit the culy tail worms that we were reeling slowly along the bottom

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