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Swordfish ( Xiphias gladius )


Ram’s Sword caught on live squid

Common Name: Swordfish, Broadbill

Local Name: ? (Tagalog); Pugot, Malasugi (Bisaya)

Max Size: 455 cm ( 650 kgs)

Biodiversity: Marine, Pelagic-Oceanic

Depth: 0 – 800+ meters

Fishing Season: All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit: None

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Fish, Squid

IUCN Red List Status Status: Least Concern

Swordfish are a prized catch here in the Philippines because they are quite rare and also because they have the best tasting flesh of all the billfish.  Swordfish are known to stay at great depths during the day and to move closer to the surface to feed at night.