Indong Eel


Most bait fishermen here in the Philippines have experienced catching a slimy, squirming eel of some kind.  This particular eel is in called Indong in Cebuano and is shorter and stockier in length than some others. Small eels of this and other species are called Bacasi here in the Visayas.

Eels are most often caught at night on a variety of bait.  Usually something smelly attracts them and they often gobble the bait down whole.  Anglers fishing for other species of fish are often annoyed at catching eels because they twist their slimy bodies in a attempt to escape.  This action is however often caused the line and leader to twist and wrap tightly around the eels body.  It is not uncommon for the eel to strangle itself this way on the line.  Anglers usually have to cut off their leaders when they catch an eel that tangles their line.

Eels are generally considered good eating.  This particular species is desired because of its thick flesh which contains fewer bones than some other eel species. Some local Cebuano dishes for Indong include; Sugbaonon (Grilled), Inun-unan (vinegar/ginger  based dish) and Larang (another sour soup dish).

Vencio holding an Indong

Vencio holding an Indong

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  1. There is another one …..(local name bacasi )that we caught here at vistamar .it is regarded as a delicacy by the local people .

  2. generally, freshwater eel in tagalog is ‘igat’; ‘palos’ for the saltwater variety.

  3. I’ve fished in so many places but have never really tried in my own country. I’ve fished in Nouackhott, Mauritania, in Haiti, in Uganda, in Rwanda, in the DRC, in Monrovia, Liberia and in the atlantic coast in New Jersey. I have never ever caught an eel!!! My mission is to go fishing in the Philippines. So, my question is, where is this place in Cebu where eel fishing is possible. Daghang salamat po!

    • That was caught at Porter’s Marina in Liloan. The elusive freshwater Eels can be caught in rivers all around the country. They are the real challenge. They can grow up to 5 and 6 kilos.

  4. anong buwan ang makandang tiempo para mag fishing sa Liloan? salamat.

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