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Boomerang Triggerfish ( Sufflamen bursa )

boomerang triggerfish

Common Name Triggerfish ( Scimitar, Lei, Scythe, White-lined)

Local Name: Papakol, Pakoy (Tagalog); Pugot, Tikos (Bisaya)

Max Size:   25 cm

BiodiversityMarine, Reef-Associated

Depth:  3 – 90 meters

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit:  None

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Shrimp, crabs, other small crustaceans, sand worms

IUCN Red List Status Status:  Least Concern

This is yet another of the many small species of triggerfish found around the Philippines.  This species can be identified by the boomerang shaped markings over the eyes along with a fairly plain colored body.  Notice the stunning blue eye shadow like color over this fish’s eye.

Like most triggerfish the boomerang is oddly shaped and has a thick leather-like skin.  The make good eating once this skin is removed.  This particular species has quite a depth range in which it can be caught from shallow water all the way to 90 meters.  Angler’s are most likely to catch these when using small baits like shrimp or squid on small hooks.  These are one of the many species of small fish that can be a bother fishermen who are using large bait for larger fish.  The small triggerfish with strong jaws and sharp teeth can cut larger baits to pieces while  evading the hooks.

The triggerfish in the picture above was caught on small pieces of shrimp off Mactan Island in Cebu in around 50 meters of water.