Lobed River Mullet ( Cestraeus plicatilis )

Cestraeus plicatilis

Lobed River Mullet

Common Name:  Mullet, The President’s Fish

Local Name:  Banak, Ludong (Tagalog);  ?? (Cebuano)

Max Size:  32.5 cm ( 2 kg)

Biodiversity: Marine, Brackish, Freshwater; Endemic

Depth:  0 – ?? m

Fishing Season:  Closed Season October to January

Minimum Size Limit:   6 inches

Recommended Bait:  Flies, bread, algae

IUCN Red List Status:  Data Deficient(DD)

This mullet  is well known throughout the country as being the country’s most expensive fish.  They are most common in the Cagayan River of northern Luzon, however they are also most likely present all around the country in estuaries and rivers.  These plant feeders like most mullet species are a challenge to catch on hook and line.  Anglers targeting this species and others are likely to have success fly fishing with small bread, algae, and shrimp pattern.

Ludong are one of the few freshwater species in the Philippines to have a strict fishing season.  The months of October to January are when these fish migrate to spawn and fishing for these fish during those months is now illegal.  This is most likely due to the reputation this fish has as being one of the best tasting and rarest freshwater fish.  It is said that this was the former president Ferdinan Marcos favorite fish.

If you have caught Ludong on hook and line send us your pictures and we will post them here.



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  1. Carlito Jr. Catubig

    I watched the documentary (KMJS) regarding this fish. It is very expensive, but their counts now in the wild is very few (I believe only in the Ph), because I saw a vlog in youtube, and a filipino man is fishing in the US using a cast net, and he catches an abundant count of mullet fish on every throw of cast net.

  2. I am now working for an international organization that established 12 freshwater sanctuaries in the tributaries of the Cagayan River, a total of three provinces here in Northern Luzon. I am also from the Visayas but now based in Aparri, exactly where the Cagayan River meets the sea. I have yet to see a ludong, but it is off-season now. I always walk/jog at the pier area and saw folks trying to fish. If I see one caught using a line, I will be more than happy to snatch a picture for you to post. Cheers!

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