Daily Archives: March 15, 2014


FishRmen Bait and Tackle will be giving away a brand new CRONY Aggress fishing rod to the person who sends in the most impressive photo of a fish caught on their FishRmen Dyneema Braided Line!


Contest Mechanics:

– Picture with a description of the catch, location, time, and bait must be emailed to: benaiah.fogle@gmail.com

– Fish must be caught using FishRmen Dyneema braided line

–  Fish must have been caught during contest dates

–  Contest open for freshwater, brackish and saltwater caught fish

–  Contests includes both pond caught and wild caught fish

– Photos must include the Angler, Fish, and Reel (with line seen) [See our ex. pic below]

– Multiple entries allowed per person

– Contest time: March 15 – June 15 2014

– Prizes:

1st place = Crony Rod;    [Crony Aggress 6’6” ML 3pcs rod]

2nd place = Dyneema Braid;

3rd place = Fishing Lure

– There is no age limit for this competition

– It is preferred that entries be of fish caught in the Philippines however we will accept entries of fish caught outside the country provided they meet all other criteria