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Oilfish ( Ruvettus pretiosus )

Ruvettus pretiosus

Big Oilfish Caught by Josh in Siargao

Common NameOilfish

Local Name: ?? (Tagalog); Penahon (Cebuano)

Max Size:  300 cm (63.5 kgs)

Biodiversity: Marine, Benthopelagic, Oceanodromous

Depth100 – 800 meters

Fishing Season: None

Minimum Size Limit:   None

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Fish (cutbait or whole) , squid

IUCN Red List Status StatusNot Listed

This species is a deepwater species related to the Snoek (Snake Mackerel). These are relatively rare to see around the country due to the depth at which they live.  These fish are called oilfish due to the high oil content of their flesh. They are edible and delicious however eating large quantities of this fish’s flesh causes a laxative effect which can be quite disturbing.  It is recommended that if you eat this fish that you don’t eat very much.


Another Shot of Josh’s Oilfish