Redspot Goatfish ( Parupeneus heptacanthus )

Parupeneus heptacanthus

Goatfish caught deep sea fishing in Cebu


Common NameGoatfish, Cinnabar Goatfish,

Local Name:  ?? (Tagalog); Timbungan (Cebuano)

Max Size:  36 cm

Biodiversity: Marine, Brackish, Reef-associated

Depth: 12 – 350 meters

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size LimitNone

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Shrimp, crabs, other small crustaceans

IUCN Red List Status StatusNot Listed

Goatfish are abundant here in Philippine waters and can be caught all over the country at both shallow and deep depths.  These fish normally are found in pairs or small groups foraging over sandy,  mucky, and rocky bottoms or sea grass. The one pictured above was taken on pealed shrimp bait fishing at around 100m.  Goatfish are fairly good to eat though they do have a slightly fishy taste.

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