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Bridled Triggerfish ( Sufflamen fraenatum )

Bridled Triggerfish

Deep Sea Triggerfish caught in Cebu

Common Name Triggerfish

Local Name: Papakol (Tagalog); Pakol (Bisaya)

Max Size:   38 cm  (commonly 26 cm)

Biodiversity: Marine, Reef-Associated, Oceanodromous,

Depth: 8-186 meters

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size LimitNone

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Shrimp, crabs, other small crustaceans, sandworms

IUCN Red List Status StatusLeast Concern

Here is a fish caught deep sea fishing in Cebu on shrimp.  This was caught at around 100-150m of depth. These odd looking fish put up quite a fight and make up for their usually small size.  These fish do not appear to be good to eat however they do taste quite good once you get through their leathery thick skin.  Be careful of the mouth on these little guys which is small but armed with shell crushing teeth.  Triggerfish are known in the scuba diving community to occasionally bite divers.