Naga City Baywalk

A thirty minute drive from downtown Cebu City, the Naga Baywalk is an excellent destination to fish.  This well designed park is easily accessable by public transportation or private vehicle, is open to the public, has no entrance fee, and has much room to fish.


Easily accesable

Free entrance

Food and drinks available

Lots of room to fish

Clean enviromment

Free Parking

Possible boat rentals for fishing from boats

Family Friendly


Limited shade (there are some small trees, that is all)

Pedestrians (watch out for people walking or jogging on the path beside the sea wall)


Needlefish, Crescent Grunters, Jacks, and much more.


This is an excellent bay walk fishing spot.  It is easy to get to and has a lot of room to fish.  There are some places near the water to sit down and eat or have some cold drinks.  The area is very clean and so is the water.


Based on my recent experience fishing at this spot I rate it as a ( 10/10 ).  Though I was not able to land any fish I had multiple strikes on lures and thoroughly enjoyed the fishing experience.  There were large schools of three inch baitfish being cornered  near the rocks that would sporadically jump to escape feeding jacks.  This is a great spot to do some serious fishing or to take the family for the day.


Bring sun protection if you plan on spending time here during the day.  There is limited shade.

Traffic; if you happen to be visiting this spot from Cebu City be aware that the south road can become quite congested around rush hours.

Send us pictures!  If you fish here and catch something send us your photos so we can add to this post.


naga, cebu fishing

Update: Large Snapper Caught

places to fish in Cebu

A View of the Seawall

fishing naga

Fun for the whole family

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  1. Yep …..i noted this place a while back ,when the construction was going on behind .From the sea wall ,it looks as though you can get get straight into a decent depth of water without having to cast too far.

  2. Looks really good will give it a try soon,thanks for the information on your excellent web site

  3. I love fishing very much

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