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Dogtooth Tuna ( Gymnosarda unicolor )

Gymnosarda unicolor

Big Dogtooth caught in Zambales


Common NameDogtooth Tuna, White Tuna

Local Name: Tambakol (Tagalog), Lanhu-an (Cebuano)

Max Size:  248 cm ( 131 kgs )

Biodiversity: Marine, Reef Associated, Oceanodromous

Depth: 10 – 200 m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size LimitNone

This is one of the big game species that can be caught here in the Philippines which is normally targeted by angler who are deep water jigging.  Those this species is normally caught at deeper depths, it can also be caught while trolling lures near the surface.  Dogtooth are reef associated fish normally found offshore around reefs.  They feed mainly on small schooling fish and squid though they are opportunistic feeders and can be caught on a variety of bait.

Dogtooth are known by many different names throughout the country of which Tambakol seems to be the most common.  Surprisingly they are not members of the Tuna family.  They are excellent food fish and prove a great challenge when hooked.

The one pictured above was caught by anglers fishing out of the Masinloc Zambales Fishing Lodge.