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Rusty Jobfish ( Aphareus rutilans )

Rusty Jobfish

Common Name: Jobfish, Snapper

Local Name: Maya Maya, Bisugo

Max Size110 cm (commonly 79cm)

Biodiversity: Marine, Reef Associated, Endemic

Depth: 100- 330m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

This species is often mistaken for Ruby Snapper or Flame Snapper, however the color and different shape of the mouth eyes and body help distinguish them.  It is a member of the snapper family.   These are deepwater fish found very deep, over 300ft below the surface.  The fish pictured above was caught by Anthony while jigging 150g jigs off the coast of Northern Luzon.

Snubnose Pompano ( Trachinotus blochii )

angling luzon

Common Name: Snubnose Pompano

Local Name: Permit,

Max Size110 cm

Biodiversity: Marine, Brackish, Reef Associated, Endemic

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

This is a species closely related to the Permit ( Trachinotus falcatus ) of the Atlantic.  It is often called Permit here however its correct name is Pompano.  This fish is found throughout the Indo Pacific where the juveniles school often along sandy shorelines, sandy or muddy bays and river mouths.  The adults tend to be more solitary and are more commonly found around coral reef and rocky reefs.  These fish feed primarily on mollusks and hard shelled invertebrates.  Great baits for these fish include hermit crabs, small sand crabs and other mussels and shells.

The fish pictured above was caught by Jun in Puerto Azul located in Cavite.