Yellow Fin Tuna ( Thunnus albacares )

Thunnus albacares

Common Name: Tuna, Yellow Fin

Local Name: Tambakol

Max Size:  239cm  (commonly 150 cm)

Biodiversity: Marine, Pelagic-Oceanic, Oceanodromous Endemic

Depth: 1 – 250m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Yellow Fin Tuna are one of the big game fish that can be caught here in the Philippines.  The big ones can be fished in certain parts of the country like Siargao, General Santos City, Mindoro, Palawan and along the Philippine Trench.  Smaller ones can be caught throughout the islands.  Arnold caught this beautiful 36kg specimen in Siargao while drifting live squid down under bright propane lamps.  The lamps attract squid which then bring the fish.  Smaller ones can be caught when trolling lures and feathers. Often local fishermen target these tuna and other species using long lines that they troll behind their boats.  Their long lines sometimes have up to 40+ feathered hooks.

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