Malabar Grouper ( Epinephelus malabaricus )

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7kg Malabar Grouper caught in Cebu

Common Name:  Grouper

Local Name:  Lapu Lapu (Tagalog), Lapu Lapu, Pogapo (Cebuano)

Max Size:  234 cm (150kgs)

Biodiversity: Marine, Brackish, Reef Associated, Amphidromous

Depth: 1 – 150 m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit12 inches

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Shrimp, Squid, fish or cut bait;  jigs, soft plastics, crankbaits

IUCN Red List StatusNear Threatened (NT)

Epinephelus malabaricus

Here is a nice little Malabar Grouper, known locally as Lapu-Lapu, caught by Rubled in an estuary in Cavite.  There is little if not any differentiation between many grouper species here, so the name Lapu-Lapu can refer to quite a broad variety of species.  This species can be distinguished by  its black and tan spots over its barred sides.    This species is reported to grow up to 150kgs though fish of that size are rarely caught.

These fish can be found in estuaries, coral reefs, rocky shore lines and even in deep water.  The smaller ones tend to congregate close to shore while the larger ones inhabit the deeper reefs.  This one was taken on a medium running pink sardine pins minnow.  They also can be taken on a variety of other lures and plastics as well.  The favorite local bait for these fish is live shrimp.  This is a popular species to target when lure casting around the coast.

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