Goldlined Spinefoot ( Siganus guttatus )

Goldlined Spinefoot

Kitong caught in Cebu

This fish is known locally as Kitong.  It can be found around reefs and shorelines all over the country.  They have very small mouths with very sharp teeth which make catching them on hooks difficult.  This one was taken while using banana as bait.  It was snagged as it nibbled on the large piece of the banana.  These are also known as Samaral fish and are delicious when grilled.

rabbitfish philippines

The kitong and the rig used to catch it.


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  1. not kitong but danggit or samaral in tagalog (kitong is ‘kitang’ in tagalog.) the ‘kitang’ has much smaller mouth and more pointed snout.

    in cuyunon this is one specie of ‘barangen’ (there are four or five).

  2. How was banana used as bait?

    • B,

      The banana used is the Saba variety that is also known as a cooking banana. The banana is boiled and then sliced like loaf of bread into .5 – 1 cm circular sections. The circle is them divided up like a pie into pieces just large enough to cover the hook which keeping the barb exposed. This bait when fishing along the coastline can catch; surgeonfish, rabbitfish, butterfish, parrotfish, and many other species of vegetarian and omnivorous fish. The only downside is that the banana does have a tendency to come off the hook. That makes it a time intensive form of fishing because you always have to keep re-baiting your hooks. Good Luck! <

  3. Does tha Saba need to be ripe? Or is green okay.

  4. Is there any special preparation when making the glutinous rice?

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