Chocolate Hind ( Cephalopholis boenak )

Lapu Lapu fishing Cebu   I caught this fish today on a small piece of squid while fishing from the rocks along the Northern Section of the SRP near the Malacanang Sa Sugbu building. I caught this and an eel which I will post later.  This species is often mistaken for Lapu Lapu or Grouper.  Here in Cebu this is known as Pugapo (pronounced; pu-GA-po).  It is actually a Hind. These can grow to 20 or 30cm though most that are caught are less than 20cm.  These fish are edible and taste similar to lapu lapu.  These are quite common and abundant along rocky shorelines as well as around reefs.  These fish can be caught in depths from around 1ft to 100ft.

Posted on September 15, 2012, in Grouper (Lapu Lapu). Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Hi, What was your bait setup? Was it attached to a floater or it was submerged?

  2. I was bottom fishing using squid as bait on a circle hook. I used a carolina rig with sliding egg sinker. It works for us because there are not many snags at this spot.

  3. Ok thanks. I will research the carolina rig. I am new to fishing techniques and still learning.

  4. That’s called PATA in Cebuano.

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