Sanipit Fishing Method

philippine fishing methods

A Rough Sketch Of The Sanipit

This is a local fishing method typically used for fishing very deep water that would either be too tiring or too time consuming to fish with a handline.  The technique involves fastening a buoy of some sort (traditionally a couple sections of bamboo) to a long main line.  Local nylon is used for the main line which is then tied to an stick that has a branch off at the top.  Guava wood is a favorite for this because of it is strong, dense and durable.  The guava branch is tied to a rock to create an anchor weight.  The mainline which is tied to the top of the guava branch is also tied with light nylon to the base of the anchor.  If the anchor is snagged on the bottom the light nylon can be broken by pulling on the main line.  This allows the anchor to pivot at a different angle and hopefully pull free from the snag.  Near the anchor a dropper loop is tied to which a leader line is tied.  Either one or two hooks are tied onto the leader and baited with cut bait such as mackerel or other fish.  This rig is then dropped into deep water where fish are suspected.  The Sanipit is left usually overnight and retrieved in the morning.  This type of fishing allows the local fishermen to fish water from 100 – 300 meters in depth.  Many species of deepwater fish can be caught.  Some of these include; deep water Snapper, large Grouper, Emperors, Jobfish, Oilfish, Snoek, Amberjacks, etc.

Fishermen normally place multiple Sanipit rigs at one time around a general area.  This helps them to triangulate spots that hold fish.  There are some difficulties with this fishing method.  Rigs can get hopelessly snagged which causes loss of line and some times tackle.  Large fish can also drag the buoy away or cut the mainline.  Theft by other fishermen is also another problem which is why many place the Sanipit at dusk and collect at dawn.

Here is a picture of the Sanipit anchor/weight:

sanipit fishing

Common Weights Used For Deep Sea Fishing Around The Islands

I will try to get some pictures of the actual rig and fish caught using this rig.  If you have any additional information or photos to add or if you have any questions please leave a comment or send us a message.


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