Ouano Warf Area

This is an open spot in Mandaue along the Mactan Channel.


Spacious area that is open to fishing

Parking for cars

Somewhat secluded and not crowded with people

Good potential for fish


The area often smells like sewage due to a nearby canal

No lighting at night and far from the main road, so potentially not safe at night

Occasionally trucks pass by on the dirt road and kick up dust

Some garbage in the water

No stores nearby to buy food or drinks

Not easily accessible without a car.


This is a stretch of the port area that is open for fishing.  Like much of the Cebu port area it has its problems.  Things that make fishing here less than exceptional are the smell (sewage) and the garbage that is often seen floating in the water.  Besides those two things this area is not bad.  There is a lot of space to fish and so there is no problem of having too many people around. If any the problem would be having too few people around.

This area is a pier area that sits on reclaimed land, so the water is deeper that the typical Cebu shoreline.  Best to try live shrimp or minnows here or cut bait.  I have not been able to fish this spot yet, but have heard that it is productive.


Expect the usual predators like; trevally, grouper, barracuda, eels, emperors, pacific tarpon, and more.


( 5/10 )  This is far from a great spot, however it is a  quiet place that would make a great morning spot.


Bring sun protection; the sun is unforgiving and there is no shade here

Avoid this spot after dark; it is secluded and not well lit. (unless there is a group of you)

Bring drinks and snacks

One of you has to leave an ID with the guard at the gate by the road

Send us pics of what you catch here!


fishing spot in Cebu

Facing south towards Cebu City

fishing ouano warf

Facing Mactan


fishing spots in the philippines

Facing north toward the market and the canal

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