Green Lagoon Park, Compostela, Cebu

Here is a spot that is located outside the city of Cebu just to the North in Compostela. This is a park style resort located along the coast in Compostela.  Here is a map of the spot:


Multiple spots within the resort to fish (jetties, beaches, etc.)

Parking for vehicles

You can bring food (grills/tables/chairs available there) and drinks for picnics

Family friendly atmosphere

Clean water

Separate areas to swim


There can be lots of people from time to time

Entrance fee


This is a laid back family and large group oriented resort located along the Compostela coastline.  It has three stone and concrete jetties protecting its two rock and sand beaches.  You can fish on all three jetties.  The sea floor gradually slopes deeper away from the beach, however the reef wall is looked well beyond casting distance.  The bottom is rocky and sandy.  You can bring food and drinks into this resort, so it makes a great spot to take the family for the day.


Barracuda, Grunters, Emperors, and more.  The ones I listed here were what I caught when fishing and what I saw when I did a little snorkelling.  There are also some mangroves and a small stream leading to the ocean on the northern side of the resort.


( 8/10 )  This is not a bad place to fish.  It is a little bit of a drive from the City through and did not seem to have lots of fish so I give it an 8.


Fish Responsibly –  Catch and Release and clean up after yourself

Bring sun protection because there is little shade in the spots where you fish

Be aware of the swimmer/snorkelers

Bring lures and bait

I Visited this place with some friends, family and co-workers and was able to bring along some fishing gear.  Hooked this nice little barracuda after about five minutes of fishing.  Try to catch the high tide as it goes out to catch barracuda like this and other species.

Fishing cebu beach resort

Nice little cuda on a Pins Minnow

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  1. nice catch ben, need to go there to up my luck. mikay

  2. sir i thank you for your great pictures of fish and places.i also love fishing.i hope could do the same here in gloria, oriental mindoro.thank you

    • Leo, Thanks for your comment. We are glad you enjoy our pictures and info regarding fishing here in the Philippines. Please feel free to share with us your pictures, stories and experiences from your fishing experiences there in Gloria. Let us know if we can help in any way. God Bless

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