Mangrove Snapper ( Lutjanus griseus )

mangrove snapper

Common Name: Mango Snapper, Grey Snapper, Pargo

Local Name: Maya Maya (Tagalog), Aha-an, Pantaan, Mangagat (Bisaya), 

Max Size:  89 cm (20 kgs)

Biodiversity: Marine, Brackish, Freshwater, Reef Associated, Endemic

Depth: 1- 180 m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit 10 inches  (fish responsibly and release all fish smaller than 10 inches)

This is one of the highly sought after game fish that can be caught here in Philippine waters.  Mangrove Snappers are quite abundant throughout the country can be found in coastal waters, out over offshore reefs and even in freshwater estuaries.  These fish will take a variety of lures and bait and put up an excellent fight when hooks.

Mangrove Snapper make an excellent food fish and taste delicious almost any way you cook them.  It is important however to note that snapper have been known to cause Ciguatera Poisoning.  If you catch these in waters where there is a high human population it is best not to eat these fish.

Mangrove Snapper less than 10 inches in length are quite small and are considered juvenile fish.  It is best to release these fish unharmed and not to keep them.

crony galaxy rod review

My Crony Galaxy 7′ Spinning Rod claims another.

The snapper in these pictures was caught while I was product testing a Crony rod that we sell.  The Crony Galaxy rods are high quality carbon rods and are perfect for this kind of fishing.  The rod I use was rated for lures up to 20g, but even when I used a 26g lure the rod still performed.  The rod has a nice sensitive tip and also a good backbone to muscle in the larger snapper and barracuda.

shimano reels philippines

The Pink Vibe Lure That Fooled This Fish

I am happy to say that this fish was released in good condition after our photo shoot. 🙂

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