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Marcelo Fernan Bridge (Mactan Side)

Here is an easily accessible spot located on Mactan Island:


Well lit Public Park with police outpost

Sizable fishing area

Shade from the bridge

Places to buy drinks and snacks

Free Parking

May species can be caught

Safe place to fish at night


Lots of people

Water often has garbage floating in it that is carried past the bridge by the current

Lots of snags in certain areas ( I lost a lot of gear to those while bait fishing)

Strong currents make bait fishing difficult

Some times marching bands practice in the park 😀 and it is LOUD!


This is a small public park located along the water underneath the Marcelo Fernan Bridge which is one of the two bridges connecting Mactan Island to mainland Cebu.  This park is known as the Philippine Seafarers Memorial Park.  It is located on the Mactan Island side.  It is a decent public fishing spot that costs nothing to enter or fish.  There are often a lot of people here which makes fishing difficult sometimes. The best time to fish is high tide as the water can be quite shallow along the shoreline during low tide.  Big fish have been caught here.  Try bait fishing at night with live shrimp, cut bait or squid and cast out towards the bridge supports in the middle of the channel.  Lure fishing also works well at high tide closer in to shore.


Grouper, Snapper, Eels, Emperors, Trevally, Barracuda, and many more species.


( 6/10 )  See the “cons” above for why my rating is not higher.


Be friendly and teach some of the many kids that stand watching you to fish:-)

Bring water

Bring a cooler for bait and drinks

Release anything that is too small

Clean up after yourself even if the area already has garbage.


Lure Fishing Barracuda

A Barracuda I caught on a lure

Mon’s Barracuda caught on a spoon

fishing cebu

One of the many eel or Ubod that can be caught at the bridge