Cuda On The High

Barracuda Fishing Philippines


Went out this morning early after my morning devos.  Spent an hour casting my little pins over near the Carbon Market during high tide.  I hooked this nice barracuda not long after I started to the delight of my self and Gilbert (a tag along from the market).  I learned from Gilbert that barracuda are called Rumpi down here in Cebu.  He told me this one was a “baby” and that fishermen sometimes bring in massive Rumpi when they come back from fishing in the Laud (open ocean).  This one was a fun fish to catch and I donated it to Gilbert because he rescued my little pins from a snag 🙂


Juvenile Barracuda

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  1. Yep, i know this place…Its just near La Nueva supermarket…and Cebu City Hall. My Father and I had an occular inspection at this area, but he said that its no good…Seeing your your picture with barracuda..uhmmm, i will try next Saturday…maybe Rapala is good for this or Tube Lure….i will try…

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