Mangrove Snapper (Lutjanus griseus)

largo fish philippines

Mangrove Snapper caught in Cebu

This beautiful species is common all through out the Philippines and is an excellent gamefish and food fish.  They can be found patrolling water near rocky shorelines and they can also be caught offshore. They are known in the Tagalog speaking regions as Pargo or Maya Maya.  Cebuanos call this fish Mangagat.  They can be caught on lures (this one was taken on a floating minnow lure), shrimp, squid, dead bait, cut bait and more.   They put up a great fight when hooked.

This one was caught in Cebu near the Carbon Market on a Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow.

Here are some more pictures of the fish:

lure fishing philippines

Caught on Jerry Brown Line One Braid

Here is the fish with some of the kids who followed me around 🙂

saltwater fishing philippines

1kg + Snapper

Here is the Fish Base page on Mangrove Snappers :

Feel free to leave comments or other info about this fish or fishing for them.

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