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Bunso Bunso

bunso bunso

This is a local form of jigging for mackerel and other small fish.  It involves dropping a long main line with many snoods (or short branch leaders) almost to the bottom.  The main line is then jigged up and down by hand to attract fish throughout the water column.  The hooks are similar to small sabiki like hooks that are dressed with small feathers, tinsel or other similar fabrics or plastics. This is typically done around Payaw (buoys) in deeper water to catch small schooling pelagics.  Unlike in the west these small mackerel and other small species that are caught by this method are eaten and not used as bait.  These rigs can be quite productive when big schools are present.  Guys who use this technique are quick to tell though of how they have often been snagged by many of the small hooks when a large predator takes one of the smaller fish that is struggling on the line.  The way to avoid this is to firmly hold the main line so that the snood will snap off instead of drag the main line and other small hooks through your hand.   The snoods are usually very light poundage (4-8lbs) with the smallest of the locally available hooks.

This technique is an excellent way to catch baitfish when fishing Payaws for Dorado, Tanigue, Tuna and other large predator fish. They are quite easy to make although they are a bit time consuming.

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