Squid from the shore

Nokus on Minnow Lure

I was able to get in a couple casts while on vacation with family at a resort in Cebu.  This Green Eyed Squid aggressively chased and snatched my little Yo Zuri Pins minnow.  To my surprise I was able to hook it and bring in my first Squid on a lure 🙂  I found that to get successful hook-up with a Squid you need to wait a second or two after the cuttlefish strikes before reeling in.  That second wait allows the cuttlefish time to pull the lure in close to its beak which gives you a better chance for a positive hook-up if you are using simple treble hooks.

Squid in Tagalog is Pusit and in Bisaya it is known as Nokus.

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