Monthly Archives: March 2012

Surrounded by a Dolphin Pod

My last fishing trip to Laiya for a while was yesterday.  We trolled most of the day and I tried one of the new lures I got.

YO ZURI Hydro Squirt

We had a slow day till around 10:30, when a big dorado took the lure pictured above.  Unfortunately I was not able to get a good hook set and when the dolphin leaped then landed in the water the lure came loose.  😦  Oh well.  Point proven that these lures work as a substitute for fresh squid.  (Mang Roger was impressed 🙂


Later in the afternoon we trolled some more and as we near one of the buoys way out, we were surrounded by a pod of dolphins.  It was fun watching them swim around us, jump, and flip.

(I tried to post a video, but it doesnt seem to be working)

We had a fun day on the water even though we weren’t able to bring home any fish.  Goodbye Laiya (for now) and hello Cebu 🙂


One of the buoys we slow trolled around: