Mahi Mahi in Laiya, Batangas

Went fishing last week with friends JR and Ceejay in Laiya.  We fished the afternoon and used the same bait and tactics that I used on my last trip; fresh squid (pusit bisaya) double hooked, and trolled with no weight around bouys.  On the fourth buoy we cricled I hooked this 5.2kg  (11. 1/2 lb)  female mahi mahi (dorado).  She put up a great fight and went airborne a couple of times.  After her we only had a couple small bites.  Still, a fun successful trip on a beautiful tuesday afternoon.

For any of you guys interested in trying dorado fishing, you can contact Mang Roger our boatman.  He lives in Laiya and has a couple boats there.  He is a good fisherman and knows the water there, how to fish it, how to rig gear, and how to teach first timers how to bring in dorado.  Tell him you got his number from Ben the “cano” 🙂

His cell numbers are:  09182304537 -or-   09083030740

Here is a link to the IGFA’s page on Dorado :

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