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Dorado Fishing in Laiya, Batangas

Sunday, 11/27/2011, three friends and I drove down early to Laiya  for a day of saltwater trolling for Dorados or Mahi Mahi.  We got an early start (3am) and were on the water by 7.  We used fresh squid that our boatman got for us and we slow trolled them whole around buoys that were a ways away from the shore.  We had a produtive morning, hauling in 4 fish and then again in the afternoon bringing in one more (after having a 4olb leader snapped by something big).  We learned that from now until Feb, it is dorado season down there.  It was a great trip and I am thankful that I had my first successful saltwater trolling experience.  Here are some pics from the trip:

 This was the first fish of the day, 2.5 kgs caught by me.

 Reggie caught the next one, 5.2 kgs, this was the most acrobatic of all the ones we caught.  It leaped and flipped the whole time.

 Lui caught the biggest one, 5.6kgs

 Reggie caught a second (the smaller of the two), 3.2kgs

 The mornings catch.  Not Bad, with every one getting a fish and Reggie getting two.

 After lunch I was able to hook one more, 3.5kgs and we called it a day.


Tadlac Lake

arial view of Tadlac Lake

Tadlac Lake From the Air

This is another post about Tadlac Lake, also known as Crocodile or Alligator Lake.  This lake is located in Brgy. Tadlac, Los Banos, Laguna.  I had not heard of the lake until recently and have since made several trips there to see what I could catch.  I hear that there are large snakeheads, large carp, large pangasius, and many other kinds of fish in this lake.  I have tried for the previously named fish with out luck.  I have caught Ayungin, Tilapia, and various types of Bia there.

The lake is quite a beautiful and secluded little lake nestled back away from the hustle and bustle of Los Banos.  As can be seen from google maps, the lake sits next to Laguna Lake, though is not connected.  I have heard there is an underwater tunnel, but this may just be rumor.

I have also read that this lake is very deep, similar to the other volcanic lakes of Laguna.  I heard that someone tried to measure the center with a fishing line and reel and found the depth at the center around 78 meters.  That is quite a depth for a relatively small lake such as this.

I also heard that there used to be pangasius and tilapia fish pens on the lake until the local government stopped them and had the fish released into the lake.  The locals say that the pangasius in the lake are up to 20kgs.  This may just be rumor, but if you watch the surface of the water you can see large fish surface.  According to some friends a 40kg carp was caught in a net in this lake a while back.

below is a picture of the lake that I took from the Los Banos high school of the arts when Dowie and I took a trip up there.  Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Fishing spot Laguna Philippines

View of Tadlac Lake from Makiling High School of the Arts

If any of you guys have fished this lake and caught stuff, let me know.  I am curious as to how to catch some of the giants that live here.

Fish Species List:  (these are the fish I have caught or am aware are present in the lake)

– Tilapia

– Pangasius Catfish

– Snakehead

– Giant Snakehead

– Ayungin

– Carp

Sailfin Catfish ( Pterygoplichthys sp. )


David’s Janitor Fish caught in Laguna

Common Name:   Amazon Sailfin Catfish, Pleco, Suckermouth Catfish, 

Local Name  Janitor Fish (Tagalog);  ??? (Cebuano)

Max Size:  70 cm


Depth:  ?? m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit:   none

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Algae, Doughbait

IUCN Red List Status:  Not Evaluated (NE)

  Two species of this catfish have been identified around Metro Manila and Laguna Province; Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus and Pterygoplichthys pardalis. 

I took some friends fishing at a nearby pond the other day.  We used worms for a while with no luck, so I switched to my Thai Masa (rice bran mixed with coconut milk and magic sarap) to see if we could get any takers.  I had a lot of takes but no hook ups (probably because my rigging was not that great.  One of my little friends managed to hook this Janitor fish or Pleco.  It was the largest janitor I have seen and put up a good fight for the little angler.  It was hooked in the mouth, so I dont think it was a snag.  They can be caught 🙂