Silver Perch ( Leiopotherapon plumbeus )


ayungin fish

Common Name:   Silver Perch, 

Local Name   Ayungin (Tagalog); ?? (Cebuano)

Max Size:  16 cm

Biodiversity:  Freshwater

Depth:  1 – ?? m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit none

Recommended Bait/Lures:  worms, small shrimp, masa

IUCN Red List Status:  Not Evaluated (NE)

Ayungin are one of the native species found in the Philippines. It is too bad that these little guys only grow to around 6 inches.  They are quite aggressive little fighters.  These fish were the national hero Jose Rizal’s favorite fish.  Despite their small size they are utilized and even prized as a food fish.

Ayungin can be caught on hook and line and make fun little fish for kids to catch.  To catch these little guys you need a small hook.  Their mouths are quite small.  They are also swim in schools in the middle of the water column often round floating weeds and structures. The experienced fishermen can catch a bag of these in an afternoon and make a good meal for dinner.

These fish can be raised in ponds for aquaculture. They are a very hardy fish and can be trained to  feed on floating pellets.

tadlac lake ayungin laguna

Tadlac Lake in Laguna which is full of Ayungin

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  1. Hi! I am very interested in fishing in this lake. Maybe you can give more details about this lake. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi BJ, Thanks for your comment. This Lake is known as Alligator lake, Crocodile Lake, and most commonly Tadlac Lake. It is located in Los Banos, Laguna and can be found quite easily if you look at google maps and ask the people from that area. I fished it a couple times during our stay in Laguna with little luck. The Lake is very similar to the 7 lakes of Laguna in that it is incredibly deep. I heard (was not able to actually test and see if their was correct) that this lake is over 70 meters deep in the middle.

      As far as fishing in this lake there are quite a variety of species to be caught. There are plentiful tilapia, ayungin, and other small fish as well as Snakeheads, large carp, and large pangasius catfish. I have not confirmed, but an assuming that there may also be native catfish and even some eels.

      There are paths from the roads going down to the lake as is sits sort of in a crater. You can (with difficulty in some places) walk around much of the lake. The water is clear and you can see many large fish surfacing towards the middle of the lake. These are probably the pangasius catfish which were released in the lake from the fish pens that were shut down.

      I would recommend this lake be fished from a kayak so that you can try various spots on the lake. All the times I fished the lake we always stayed in one spot and were only able to catch small fish.

      Hope this helps.


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