Spotted Barb (Puntius binotatus)


These small barbs are nuisance when you are fishing for larger fish.  They are small and are greeding eaters.  They usually tear up any live bait you bottom fish.   I have caught them thoughout Laguna in rivers and lakes.  I have seen these fish in the aquarium trade around laguna and manila.  They seem to make nice aquarium fish. They are known here in Laguna as One Spot or Paitan.

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  1. Eat your breakfast

    Strangely enough, out here in Mindanao, they have four spots (excluding the dark anal pore. But then again they might be juveniles (one to two inches in length), and P. binotatus elsewhere in southeast Asia tend to have different spot characteristics as well (two in Malaysia, bars in Indochina).

  2. Eat your breakfast

    I’m from Mindanao as well, and I think our Puntius here are actually different species. IIRC, we have at least two endemic barbs from Lanao, so I expect there are more in the creeks and rivers.

    I love barbs though. The ones we have here may not be that colorful as other aquarium fish, but in shallow waters of creeks here they are very eyecatching for the way that they frequently scrape their bodies against the substrate (I don’t know why they do it), briefly exposing their silvery sides to the sunlight. If enough of them are in the water, it’s almost like the water itself is”twinkling” every now and then. We call them “sinaw-sinaw” as well as “pait-pait” (for smaller fishes in creeks), and “paitan” (for larger ones in rivers).

    I’m planning to build a water garden next year with native fishes only (no guppies, tilapia, or plecos which are all invasive species).

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